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Feb 25, 2019

We had the absolute pleasure of hanging out with Edie Perkins at Golden Saddle Cyclery during our recent visit. Edie moved to LA in 2016 and entirely fell in love with the road cycling there, logging 300 miles a week on average. In the spring of 2017, she was involved in an accident that changed her life in an instant. Edie is a true super hero in her tenacity and openness about the event and her adaptation, both physically and emotionally since that day. Her story, ongoing and inspiring, beautifully articulates the thing we all love and hold dear about our communities; the sheer humanness that unfolds when all the superficial bullshit is stripped away and we’re vulnerable and need help. Grab a tissue, this episode is magic.

So much gratitude, respect, and admiration for you, Edie Perkins. Thank you SO MUCH for hanging out (and going to the club) with us, it was a true pleasure.

Special shout out to @kylebkelley @goldensaddlecyclery for hosting us and being such a positive, inviting space in the cycling world.

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